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Connect A Domain Name

Next: Let’s make sure your domain name directs visitors to your new site.

Free Domain

If you have been using one of our free domains, such as, you will need to purchase a new custom domain name for your site. In many cases you can purchase this from your new hosting company at the same time you set up your account.

You can also set your domain to take people to your new site. We offer a Site Redirect upgrade which will do just that.

Custom Domain Name

If you already have a custom domain name, something like, there are a couple options when it comes to moving it to your new site. If your domain is registered here at, you can transfer your domain or update its name servers to point it to your new hosting platform.

Having a custom domain hosted with means that it is currently using https. Search engines and other links would be using this in the address they link to your site with. Find out more about avoiding security warnings when switching hosting providers.

If your domain is registered with another company, you’ll have the same options with them — either transfer the name or update the name servers.

In either case, to redirect your permalinks (including links indexed by Google), make sure you choose Day and name in Settings → Permalinks in the WP Admin area of your self-hosted WordPress site so they match the same as what was used here.

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