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Once you have your domain name pointing to your new site, let’s get it connected to Jetpack!

Even with a self-hosted WordPress site, you can still get all the cool features you enjoyed at by using Jetpack. This optional plugin offers analytics, site management tools, and it gives you access to our mobile and desktop apps. It’s one of our official plugins, and it’s supported by our fantastic Happiness Engineers.

You can get Jetpack for free through the plugins section of your WordPress Dashboard or by downloading it from Step-by-step installation instructions are available here.

Jetpack upgrades are an optional extra. If you’d like anti-spam, backups, and security features for your site then read on …

What upgrades are available?

To see the whole list of features and comparisons you can head to the Jetpack pricing page.

There are plans available, such as Security Daily, Security Real-time or the Complete plan, which include different add-ons bundled up together.

Alternatively, you can choose a single or multiple add-on subscriptions such as Backup (Daily or Real-time), Scan, Site Search, Anti-spam, and CRM.

All the plans and add-ons can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. You can upgrade or downgrade from a plan or add-on (or viceversa!) at any time.

If you need more information and want to go through a detailed comparison between plans, this is the right page for you to check.

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